Ever since Madame Truffles opened in 2011, we have been lucky enough to spend time with Peter and Kate Marshall from Terra Preta Trufferie in Braidwood, NSW.

The Marshalls’ approach to truffle farming is industry leading and borne from an historical and philosophical approach that is designed to recreate as faithfully as possible the truffle environments of France prior to the World Wars.

It is a minimal intervention and naturalistic approach that produces some of the finest, and certainly the most distinctive black truffles in Australia. The truffles’ smoky aroma is one that we have always loved since the day we started. And it is one that is sought after by chefs the world over who recognise the exceptional quality of these Australian truffles.

The Marshalls’ approach has also seen their farm vastly increase yield from trees in a time when a number of trufferies across the country are struggling to replicate their early success.

Aside from all that, the Marshalls are a wonderful family and very generous with their time and knowledge. Which is why Madame Truffles visits them at least once every year!

Whilst conditions haven’t been ideal in the run up thanks to a lack of rain, their approach to irrigation means that despite dry soil there are already a huge amount of truffles being produced. Today’s visit produced beautiful truffle, some of which was enjoyed at lunch with scrambled eggs.

As always, we will have Terra Preta truffles in our stores when we open and throughout the season, so please pop in so you can see and smell these truffles for yourself!