Truffle really does make a meal extra special and is a versatile ingredient.

The Madame recommends using a Microplane* for fine truffle shavings or Truffle Slicer* for thin wafers of truffle. Never use a knife (unless it is a truffle knife) as this may crack the truffle.

Black truffle likes heat. Shaving truffle into a dish during the final stages of cooking can help bring out the aroma & flavour of the truffle. Keep in mind that black truffle is robust and can be cooked in the oven without losing its integrity. (Oh, never heat white truffle!)

Truffle loves fats such as butter, cream, cheese and milk. These fats carry the flavour of the truffle. Truffle can also be baked with fish or roasted with a chicken to make these meals extra special. There are so many ways to use your truffle – see our recipe page for ideas.

* The Madame is proud to stock Italian Truffle Slicers and Microplanes